Welcome Back to Bali!

ONLINE MEETING Fridays 12pm – Regular meetings will resume in September

We currently have One online weekly meeting in Bali.


Face to Face will resume in September 2022 – Please Contact us for zoom login

At Desa Seni – A Village Resort  – Jl. Subak Sari #13 Pantai Berawa, Canggu – Bali

See Google maps for directions

Desa Seni is a Village Resort/Hotel with 2 Yoga Shalas, one of which we are using – There is a check-in type of front desk- Just tell them you are here for SLAA and we meet in the first Yoga Shala on the right as you exit the front desk area. Please take off your shoes to enter the Shala. There are plenty of props at the entrance of the Shala to be sitting comfortably.

We also have a fellowship lunch in different warungs right after the meeting from 1pm to whenever. All are welcome.

UBUD MEETINGS – Will resume in September.

Face to Face – Contact us

“Wahyu Restorant” – Jl. Dewa Sita, Ubud – two doors down from Pondok Library on the football field

The meeting is held upstairs at Cafe Wahyu.

In the centre of Ubud, there is a football field located on the corner of Monkey Forrest Rd & Dewi Sita St. There is a path that wraps around the football field. Cafe Wahyu is situated halfway along the path on the side of the football field that is parallel to Monkey Forrest Rd.

Go to the football field on the corner of Monkey Forrest Rd & Jalan Dewi Sita. You can access the cafe on the motorbike. Otherwise, you can walk it. Follow the path down Jalan Dewi Sita and as it wraps around the football field to the right. You will pass the back entrance of Tutmac Cafe. Keep walking and you will come to Cafe Wahyu. Take the stairs to the right immediately inside the cafe. You can order coffee, tea, juices & coconut water downstairs at Wahyu Cafe & the staff will bring it up for you.

For more info email:

Fore more information on SLAA please visit:

You are not alone.




SLAA Bali 8th Convention – International Speakers & workshops

“Experience, Strength & Hope”

Dear Fellows,

We had to cancel the 2020 Convention due to the pandemic and we are working on possibly getting a convention for 2022 by popular demand in beautiful Bali- We hope you will join us for a day full of workshops & international speakers.  We are working on putting together a special program this year with topics including Anorexia, Sober Dating and more, in our beautiful beachfront Cafe with ocean views and open spaciousness at our favorite beach front hotel resort in the Blue water Cafe

For further info Whatsapp at +62 811 399 6068

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